Custom Clearance and Logistic

The custom clearance and logistics are the department which works on the legal formalities and compliance procedure of the import and exports of goods and services at whatever medium of transport.

This department are asked to have a regularly updated legal knowledge of the customs duty and procedures. The international market has different rules and regulations and also has some connection with the constitution of each individual country. So, a collective action of international and country specific laws act here.

Not all the companies have a proper legal team and they mostly hold a consultant or outsource their work to a dedicated team.

There are fines and actions if the compliances are not followed, because this involves two countries exchanging goods and has a diverse background in terms of all the sectors. There can also be aheavy action to close the business, or a minimum penalty can be a monetary fine too. But it still holds a black mark to the business.

As mentioned, not everyone needs to understand the legal details and intricacies of the Customs and Logistics in international trade world which is very vast, mostly would lead to confusion. In a hassle-free process, contact us and get your business, ready for facing any kind of customs clearance and proceed to make profits.

If a business firm maintains a clean record of customs, there can also be a tax reduction/incentive from the government side, which is a surprise move often taken by the government to encourage righteous actions by firms.