Startup India Recognition

DPIIT Recognition Benefits
1 Self-Certification Self-compliance under 3 environmental & 6 labour laws.
2 Patent Application & IPR Protection Fast track & up to 80% rebate in filing patents.
3 Income Tax Exemption (Not available for all cases) For 3 consecutive years & exemptions on capital gains & investments above Fair Market Value.
4 Easier Public Procurement Norms Get listed as seller to the government & benefit from exemptions on EMD & min requirements.
5 Free Credits AWS, My Operator, Digital Ocean and Others.
Eligibility for DPIIT start-up
1 Company Age Should not be exceeding 10 years from the Date of Incorporation.
2 Company Type Private Limited Company, Registered Partnership Firm, Limited Liability Partnership.
3 Annual Turnover Should have an annual turnover not exceeding Rs. 100 crores for any of the financial years since its Incorporation.
4 Original Entity An entity should not have been formed by splitting up or reconstructing an already existing business.
5 Innovative & Scalable Should work towards development or improvement of a product, process, or service and/or have a scalable business model with high potential for the creation of wealth & employment.