Sales and Marketing

What if we produce all the goods and services, and just store it for yourselves? Doesn’t make sense, right? The product must reach the consumers, at least for the one intention you are running your business – ‘profits’. So, the only way to reach the customers and selling is marketing and the word ‘sales’ is more self-explanatory. The department handling the marketing and sales are usually the link between the public and the company. In some companies, there are two different entities for sales and marketing separately, to reduce work load friction, but some companies have it together to maintain integrity.

And along with that, there are various compliances to be met with, because it deals a company and public in stake. There are various laws and legal formalities to be carried out. Though it is the duty of leal team, you should have to administer it and know it well versed.

There are various software applications and site packages, which help you in dealing with collective marketing work (Marketo, Vocus, HubSpot) and managing them with you team – digital marketing, metrics and performances, etc. When it comes to sales, there is a huge data to be analysed and forecasted every time, because the sales team get daily targets or so.

The advantages include:

  • 1. Efficiency with added productivity
  • 2. Employee retentions and related
  • 3. Regulatory compliance
  • 4. Simplified administration
  • 5. Data security and metrics
  • 6. Improved decision-making