Operation Management

Management is an umbrella term which includes a wide variety of work from administration, services till reaching the consumers. Each and every thing has to be managed for a smoother workflow. That is why even engineering graduates take up management and business studies, and not really consider post-graduation in engineering. Management involves every soft skill to be employed and demands high authoritative skills.

Again, why not operations. If human resources dealing with the entire headcount of employees need a software; even operations department need one.

Modern operations management is of four types –

  • 1. Business process redesign (BPR)
  • 2. Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems
  • 3. Six Sigma
  • 4. Lean Manufacturing

Operation Management Software (OMS)

Operation Management Software (OMS) is a suite of software that helps the operations managers to handle all the tasks of the department in a simplified manner.

There are various advantages of OMS –

The advantages include:

  • 1. Efficiency with added productivity
  • 2. Employee retentions and related
  • 3. Regulatory compliance
  • 4. Simplified administration
  • 5. Data security and metrics
  • 6. Improved decision-making